Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has progressed from argentinian Videographer to a World status  in a matter of 3 years.

Now shooting events of every scale and budget as far afield as United Kingdom, France, Ibiza, Mónaco, Italy, Colombia and India, he has cemented his position amongst the elite of the International Wedding Cinematography.

He now shares his accumulated knowledge at training programs, workshops and presentations in Argentina and all over the World.

Cell Phone: +54 9 341 5 524228


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04.11.2014 Soon, Workshops

Coming soon Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) will deliver a Seminar on Wedding Cinematography, along with Master Photographer Damiano Errico in Caserta, Italy.

03.19.2014 Trailers, Overseas


Coming soon

LOCATION: Hotel Santa Clara, Cartagena de Indias
CHURCH: San Pedro Claver


03.14.2014 Various

Member of the Jury



03.08.2014 Various


REAL&SHORT® International Women’s Day Tribute

03.07.2014 Interviews

reseña 2people1life

A very nice review of Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) by 2people1life

03.05.2014 Post Wed, Overseas


EUGE & MEN Saga began with their Wedding in Córdoba, Argentina, at the ends of 2012. We met in Cartagena de Indias some time later, just by chance, during the Wedding of ROSE & ANDRES. And we promised to continue with these meetings elsewhere in the World… very soon!

LOCATION: The Walls of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

03.04.2014 Interviews

Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT) interview by Blog Weddings


Interview to Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT) by BLOG WeddinG. Thanks so much Bruna and Frankie! To read it please follow this link:

02.24.2014 FILMS


Something is being born… South

LOCATION: Patagonia Argentina (Destination not yet revealed)
PRODUCER: Matías Castro Sahilices

02.21.2014 Various

Alejandro Calore

Alejandro Calore (REAL&SHORT®) has recently been appointed as member of the Jury for INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHERS AWARDS 2013 Brasil

02.01.2014 Pre Wed, Overseas

Coming Soon

LOCATION: Shot in the city of Bordeaux and at Arcachon Bay, France